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Christmas Day

December 25, 2011

Christmas Day for us is a time to enjoy family and the season of giving. Our children had a wonderful Christmas morning and my son even stated that he had the best Christmas ever. When he was asked why, he told us that he got everything that he wanted. The biggest downfall of today, was the fact that my children were wisked away at the demand of the wicked witch of the west. My wife’s mother, who never wants to see me, told my wife that she is to bring them down on Christmas day. I politely said “she wants to take my kids away from me on Christmas day?” Once my wife said this to her mother, she told my wife that “SHE SHOULD HAVE NEVER GOTTEN THAT CALL! MY WIFE IS SUPPOSE TO JUST DO WHAT SHE IS TOLD!” Really? Just the year before my mother-in-law said that SHE wasn’t able to leave HER son alone on Christmas. Seriously? I have to suffer because she is a bitch? Pardon my language, but this topic really irritates me more then I let my wife know. My kids left around 11:00am and came back around 3:30pm. Maybe I am being selfish. There is more to the story with my mother-in-law, but I will save that for another day.


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