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Elementary #School

December 1, 2011

I seemed to have slipped back into childhood this week. Being on vacation this week has allowed me to take my children to school and eat breakfast with them as well. Standing in line waiting, sitting at the table, and picking them up from school is a great time to watch. I remember now how cruel children can be to each other and how boys have to find their place in the pack. Seeing the older boys hitting each other and pushing each other around just shows how barbaric the male gender can be. I’m glad that I was able to fit in by making people laugh…….most of the time. In the male population during school age, it is an almost required to show your male dominance to the rest of the pack. You must show you are above, equal to, or lower then everyone else. The upper level tends to be bullies. The mid level is usually a group of good friends and the lower level tends to be the outcasts. This system, of course, is not ideal. But, unfortunately, this is standard practice.


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