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October 31, 2011

Today is Halloween, the biggest day of the year for candy. Sure, we all love candy, but how does all of this sugary goodness effect our diet and nutrition?
Halloween is the one day out of the year that kids can walk door to door and ask their neighbors for candy. As with most kids, the goal is to get as much of it as possible. But, candy can totally wreck yours and your kids diets for weeks to come. Candy is basically pure sugar with some added color and flavor. Image for a second eating a 1/4 cup of sugar with a tablespoon of chocolate and some brown food coloring. Doesn’t sound as good when you hear it like that, does it? Of course, you want to let your kids be kids, but moderation is the key to keeping them fit and healthy, not to mention cavity free. However, as your kids are enjoying themselves this Halloween make sure that you aren’t overindulging as well.


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