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New website

I am currently in process of switching over to a self hosted WordPress blog. Please head over to and begin following me there. I would greatly appreciate in sharing that you can do for me as well. I look forward to continuing to motivate, help and hear from all of you. Thanks again for the support.


My new old ride

I was asked to stop by my dad’s house yesterday. He wanted me dropped off instead of me driving there. Once I got there, he informed me that I would be driving myself home in his 1990 Mazda Miata.


It is in great shape for a 1990 model, but needs some work. It needs a new convertible top, a good wax job, and some other small odds and ends.


The engine sounds great and just needs to be flushed of the old gas. My dad said that this would help for the upcomming midlife crisis that I will have in a few years. Lets hope that this will get me through it.

Midlife crisis

No, I’m not having a midlife crisis right now, but my father made sure I was prepared for one in the future with a red convertible car. I will post more tomorrow with some pictures after I detail it.

Hill’s Science Diet review

I was recently selected to join a Buzz campaign. This campaign allowed me to try a sample of Hill’s Science Diet brand dog food. My dog is around 2 years old and is a very picky eater. Well, I received my 4lb bag a few weeks ago. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I checked petMD for a little more info on the proper nutrition and diet that a dog should have. This is my first dog, I have had and still have cats as pets, and I want to make sure that I do everything right. Having a pet is a big responsibility, but I think I can handle it since I have 2 children.

Shadow, my dog, took right to the new food. She wasted no time in inhaling it. Most of the time it takes her awhile to even begin to eat. But, this time she dug right in. I fed her Hill’s in the morning and at night. Each time was the same thing, gone in less then a minute. She was developed a shinier coat and seems to be more active as well.

Once we ran out of Hill’s Science Diet food, I brought back the remaining food that she use to eat. I have never seen a dog thumb it’s nose to anything except in cartoons, but Shadow sure did it. We fed her the same frequency as before, but she seemed to eat only eat a few times a week. We didn’t starve her, so call off P.E.T.A. When we noticed she went too long without eating, we mixed some moist food into the dry food and this got her to eat. Once the old food was gone, we bought a completely different brand. This had the same effect. She refused to eat this brand as well. I guess I finally found a pickier eater then me and I guess we will have to stick to Hill’s from now on as well.

Family Time

I am enjoying some family time with the kids.


My son and daughter love puzzles and can’t seem to get enough. They will build the same puzzle over and over. Some times they even play nice together, but other times they want daddy to help them. I gladly jump at the chance.


Building puzzles helps to stimulate the brain, not to mention get everyone off of those dang electronics.

The good old days

The weather was perfect today. The sun was shining and the temperature was around 65. Most son loves to ride his bicycle, a past time of mine as well. We went out as a family at first, all 4 of us, an then just me and my son after. I could help but think about my childhood and how I would frequent the streets on my self powered two wheeled contraption. The brisk wind and cool feeling on my face. I loved it, I loved where I lived. I want my family to feel the joy that I once had and now have lost. This makes me want to push myself harder and further in life to get me where I need to be. To get me out of Florida and back home where I belong, where it snows.

Life happens

It has been about a week since my last workout. There is no excuse for it, but sometimes life just happens. Christmas Eve we had a family gathering, Christmas Day was of course hectic and Monday I spent enjoying time with my kids. I’ve also noticed that the pain in my elbows hasn’t gone away. I really need to find a job that has insurance to have them looked at. I guess I will have to spend some time this week looking for a new job. I was hoping not to have to until I finished school and then get a job with a software company or open my own business, but my health comes first.

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